Call for Papers

After the very positive response from attendees at the first Digital Document Security (DDS) conference, Reconnaissance International invites proposals for presentations at the second conference to be held in Vienna, Austria in February 2021 (postponed from October 2020).

The transition to digital systems for financial transactions and identity credentials is gathering pace and has been given a further boost by the Coronavirus pandemic, yet at the same time there appears to be no decline in the issuing of physical documents. This has resulted in a period of co-existence between physical documents and digital systems. The DDS conference is the forum to explore, examine and discuss this transition and its implications.

Those implications include the security of personal data, centralisation or decentralisation of storing and processing that data, the future role of breeder documents and their digital equivalents, reconciling convenience with security, the future of physical security documents along with the security printers that produce them, the interaction – if any – between the physical and digital security document domains and much more. DDS will also explore the harnessing of next-generation technology to develop new security features and processes that combine the best of the physical and digital domains

DDS connects the communities at the interface between the physical and digital domains of document security to create a forum to meet, share ideas and establish mutual understanding for innovation in this important field.

Proposals for papers to be presented at the second Digital Document Security Conference are now invited. You may have a topic of interest to DDS participants if you are:

  • researching, developing or designing solutions at the interface between the physical and digital domains
  • a designer or provider of e-government services
  • specifying or implementing projects for secured documents which link the physical and digital
  • a part of the production and supply chain for physical and/or digital secured documents
  • involved in examining secured documents, including financial instruments and identity documents
  • otherwise involved, interested in or manage data about the interaction between the physical and digital domains of the secured document ecosystem
  • interested in sharing best practice for those engaged in digital or physical document security to work better together
  • creating hybrid, multi-layer, robust systems to enable improved responses to emerging threats to physical or digital secured documents
  • a technology company looking for new applications for your authentication technologies

Topics of Interest

The programme committee has identified the following topics of interest for papers, but this is by no means a comprehensive list. Proposals for papers on other relevant topics will also be welcomed and seriously considered. 

  •  The implications of digital applications for secured documents
  • The digital/physical balance in the post-COVID world
  • Status of and developments for smartphones
    – as an ID document carrier (eg: ID, licences),
    – for financial transactions and banking,
    – as an authentication tool
  • The use of non-smartphone devices, proprietary and non-proprietary
  • Security of digital credentials and transactions
  • Enrolment systems for physical or digital identity and the transfer from physical to digital
  • Personal data tracking and its security
  • Biometrics and other technologies that verify the authenticity of the bearer of a document, whether present or not-present
  • Managing the interface between the physical and digital domains of document security
  • Status and standards for mobile driver licensing and other eID credentials
  • Document-free travel
  • Serialisation, coding and unique identifiers
  • Analytics for DDS systems and workflows
  • Statistical authentication and evidentiary approaches
  • Machine reading, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cryptography for document security
  • The impact and application of distributed ledger systems
  • Hybrid, multi-level and other smart system design for document security
  • The use and implications of digital and 3D printing – security threat or opportunity?
  • Implications for know-your-customer and anti-money laundering requirements
  • Lifecycle compatibility of documents and systems
  • Human factors in document and digital authentication
  • Acceptance of technology and comparisons between China and other countries
  • Ethical and legal considerations

Proposals for presentations will be reviewed by the DDS Committee, which will select those it believes are most relevant and of the appropriate high quality for the conference.

DDS Committee

Ian Lancaster

Reconnaissance International

Mark Deakes

Conference Director
Reconnaissance International

Jeff Conroy


Jörg Fischer


Alan Hodgson

Alan Hodgson Consulting Ltd

Florian Humplik

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei

Volker Lohweg

inIT – Institute Industrial IT, Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences

Marian Margraf

Freie Universität Berlin, Fraunhofer AISEC

Joshua M Mármol


Konstantin Papaxanthis


Marc Pic


Tony Poole

Document Security Alliance

Steve Wilson


Yaohua Wang

Security Identification Union
PR China

Due Dates

By submitting a proposal you agree to meet the following deadlines:

 01 October 2020– Summary Deadline

Proposals should be submitted as a 400-word (approx.) summary of your paper, with an additional 150 word (approx.) description of the author/s and their qualifications for presenting this paper (both documents must be in English). Use the form below.

A manuscript paper will not be required for this conference. Your oral presentation will be recorded for distribution to conference participants, so note that submission of a proposal signifies your agreement to this. 

  08 January 2021 – Audio-Visual Presentation Deadline

The supporting audio-visual presentation will be required by early September 2020


By submitting a summary, you agree to assign to Reconnaissance International the right to publish your paper in the DDS Conference proceedings, in both or either printed and electronic format, as well as the right to extract sections of your paper or to refer to it in publicity and media relations material. Exceptions to this policy will be considered for security reasons.

How to Submit Your Summary

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the programme, please use the form below to submit your summary by 01 October 2020.