Digital Document Security


3-4 February 2021


This conference filled the gap between physical and digital security. The agenda was more than excellent.

ANY Security Printing

Digital Document Security


3-4 February 2021


Very well organised/managed conference. The level of expertise in the group of presenters and audience is of high standard. I greatly benefited from my attendance. Very friendly and supportive staff.

Lebanese American University

Digital Document Security


3-4 February 2021


A very good start with some technical and policies perspective are discussed in the conference. An eye opener and a must for any security printing industry players to welcome the future of the industry.

M.J.M. International

Digital Document Security


3-4 February 2021


It is a great event, absolutely necessary, came at the right time. A good mixture of technical and general topics.


Digital Document Security


3-4 February 2021


DDS was very good because the conference showed clearly that digital technologies are the game changers in the community. Therefore, DDS is necessary and it will grow.

inIT-Institute Industrial IT


About Digital Document Security

Discover the interaction between the digital and physical worlds for the best in document security, while also looking to the application of next-generation technologies in this important field.

The Digital Document Security Conference (DDS) is a response to the introduction of digital systems in to the secured document field – from the use of smartphones to authenticate physical documents or act as carriers for ID documents, to the deployment of artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain for security document applications. DDS will also explore the harnessing of next-generation technology to develop new security features and processes that combine the best of physical and digital.

DDS connects the communities at the interface between these physical and digital domains of document security to create a forum to meet, share ideas and establish mutual understanding for innovation in this important field.

People involved in the digital transaction, identity and authentication communities and specifiers, designers, producers and issuers of secure documents will find DDS a valuable forum to learn, network and explore possibilities.

DDS will also help the established secure document community come understand the disruptive potential of the digital world 

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Topics Covered Typically Include:

DDS is a response to the introduction of digital systems in to the secured document field. Digital devices are being used as the means for financial transactions, as a carrier for personal identification information and as a method of examining physical documents. The topics typically covered at the event are as follows:

  • The implications of digital applications for security documents
  • The role and limitations of smartphones
  • The use of smartphones for ID
  • The use of smartphones for financial transactions
  • Serialisation, coding and unique identifiers
  • Network and digital systems security and vulnerabilities
  • The impact and application of blockchain or other distributed ledger systems for document security
  • Cryptocurrencies – threat, solution or neither?
  • Machine reading and artificial intelligence
  • The use of digital printing – security threat or opportunity
  • Implications of 3D printing as a means of forgery
  • Combining print and digital

Who Should Attend?

The conference attracts specifiers, designers and producers including:

  • Government issuers of banknotes, ID documents and other secured documents
  • Commercial and private sector issuers of secured documents
  • Producers and suppliers of security-printed documents and components
  • Forensic document analysts and examiners of travel documents and banknotes
  • Optical scientists, holographers and others interested in the manipulation of light for document security
  • Product security developers in search of new techniques for product protection

Digital Document Security Online (DDSO)

The next Digital Document Security conference will go ahead with a great set of presentations on 3-4 February 2021, having been postponed from October 2020. Fittingly, for a conference covering digital systems, it will now itself be a digital event, held virtually to avoid the need for travel and meeting in close personal proximity.

The DDS committee is now drawing up the conference programme from a great set of submitted papers, covering the spectrum from digital ID case studies to security solutions and the integration of physical and digital domains. The full programme will be announced later this month.

The DDS Conference online will feature some 18 papers over two days, between 13:00 and 17:00 UTC each day, so that whichever time zone you are in you will be able to join this watershed event.

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